We knew as soon as we got pregnant we wanted our baby’s room to be modern – like the rest of our pad. I despise all the primary colored nursery sets out there I keep seeing – it looks like a unicorn vomited everywhere. So thus began the search for a modern crib – the focal point, and probably most important part of the nursery.

Baby Mod Crib from Walmart - Modern Crib

The Baby Mod Parklane all put together in our nursery

Now, let me just say this, my husband HATES Walmart. With a passion. He refuses to go into one. He gets angry every time we drive by one. Hates. Not using a strong enough word here. WELL… while browsing through one of my favorite (pre-pregnancy) sites, Apartment Therapy, I found out about Ohdeedoh, AP’s children’s design site. I love this site. I love looking through all the different nurserys that people design on a budget (or not) and the great spaces they come up with. So in browsing through the site I found a lot of people who described their nursery as “modern” had purchased the crib (and dresser usually) through Walmart. Now of course my first thought was, “What? WALMART has modern baby furniture?!”, but alas, they do!

So I was thrilled to see a post this morning on Ohdeedoh titled, “Budget Basics: Modern Cribs”. And there was the Baby Mod Parkland crib that I gotten from Walmart. Check out the post here.

Want one of your own? Click here to check out the crib on Walmart’s website, and here to check out the dresser (we got both – super easy to put together and good quality too!)