Pets, Baby & Some Damn Cute Dwell Bedding

It’s been a struggle keeping the kitties out of the crib since it went up. Especially since we purchased an awesome cowboy themed Dwell bedding (what can I say? they have good taste!). Now that the bedding is on, it’s nearly impossible to convince them that this is not their own personal cat bed.

Tuba makes himself comfortable on our Dwell Cowboy Bedding

Tuba makes himself comfortable on our Dwell Cowboy Bedding

Tuba makes himself comfortable on our Dwell Cowboy Bedding

The Crib & Dwell Cowboy Bedding

Tuba in Crib looking mighty comfortable

Tuba in the crib - looking mighty comfortable

Has anyone else out there had issues with keeping pets and baby separate? I love the idea of the kiddo growing up with pets – I did, and I think it makes you a more compassionate, loving person. And unless there are some serious allergy issues with baby we won’t be giving our two little guys up. So what’s the solution?

We haven’t purchased a baby monitor – our condo isn’t huge, so I don’t think hearing him cry out will be a big issue – so I don’t really want to have to close the door to his bedroom every night. I take out the kitties right after they get in and spray them with a squirt bottle, but it hasn’t really prevented them from getting into it in the first place! Help!

Ozzy & Tuba – 1 Year!

I love this photo. It reminds me of some deep indie band's album cover. So moody.

I just wanted to make a quick post and say that we have had our 2 wonderful, fun-loving little guys exactly 1 year today! After about a year of looking at different shelters throughout Chicago we just happened into The Anti-Cruelty Society and found our two little brothers huddling in a cage together. Needless to say, as soon as we held those fuzzy little bundles we knew they would be ours! A mere hour later and the paper work was finished. Now a year later they are well adjusted kitties that love to crawl all over my big belly at night!

If you are in Chicago and interested in adopting an animal in need, check out The Anti-Cruelty’s website.