I’ve decided April is going to be all about me. ME ME ME!!! I’ve spent a (wonderful) year learning how to be a mom and trying to figure out how to balance working full time and being there for my family. Since baby H is 1 now it’s getting easier and less labor intensive to take care of him on a day to day basis, I figured I could focus on myself a little this month.

Now before you get all ballistic on me, no, I am not taking a week off to spend at a spa, and no, I’m not letting my kid stick forks into wall outlets while I read People magazine and sip a latte. I am fitting in small, easy to do action items into my everyday routine. Here they are:


Yes ladies, lip color! I am, admittedly, terrible at make-up application. But lips are super easy! I prefer a nice stain, something I don’t have to worry about accidentally wiping off every 5 minutes on paper towels or cups. I started using “Just Bitten” by Revlon and I love it. My goal is to wear some kind of lipstick – or lipstain – every day this month.


I have regrettable hair. It’s baby fine and a terrible boring shade of mousey brown. Before I was pregnant I had tried every shade out there – platinum blonde in the summer was my favorite – and when I got pregnant I had to stop the coloring. The best part about being pregnant was how full and lush it was – I felt like I could run my hands through it without out giant handfuls of hair coming out – but alas, no more. So this month I am trying out different styles and products to try to break out of my boring pixie cut.


Yes, I am using a teeth whitening system. Nothing fancy, just a CVS purchased product, but so far it’s working great! My teeth aren’t very stained, they just have 32 years of wear and tear and could use a little extra love!


We see a naturopath and love it. She helps us get rebalanced when we are feeling sluggish and helps with mending soar muscles and minds. My husband and I are both on vitamin regimens but I tend to get lazy and forget to take mine. So this month is all about getting back on them regularly (I take over 15 a day). I know I’ll feel better – I just need to commit!