Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe

Pop quiz: what costs $25, is made of rubber, goes into your baby’s mouth and is the “it” toy for all celebrity babies? Why, its Sophie the Giraffe. Coming straight out of France and into your drooling baby’s face is the hottest toy out there for the “just out of the womb” set.

I had seen Sophie popping up everywhere – local shops, online and in various nursery tour pics across the interwebs, but hadn’t given it too much thought. Until my friend Heather sent me this article yesterday from

Somewhere, right now, a baby is torturing a giraffe: dropping it, chewing it, coating it with a thick layer of drool. Despite this pattern of unprovoked attacks from the nation’s infants, the long-necked mammals—rubber teethers that hail from France—are multiplying across the United States. Sophie the Giraffe is the best-selling baby product on, outranking a nasal aspirator called “The Snotsucker” and a nightlight shaped like a turtle. And while it’s not quite as well-reviewed as Jacques the Peacock, customer comments tend toward the rhapsodic: “totally lives up to the hype”; “this is truly the greatest toy we have—truly”; “Wow! Best Baby Toy Ever!”

You can read the whole article here.

So, I want to know, do you have a Sophie? Is it really worth $25 bones?! It’s cute and all, but that seems like a lot of money for something that will be drooled on and washed constantly in the sink.