Sorry I have been such an absentee blogger! We have been in a flurry preparing for our “Great, All-American Road Trip”! Yes, we, as insane people, are taking our 15 month old across the country, in a car. For 14 days. We are headed West folks, and we couldn’t be more excited to get out of Chicago and see friends of ours that made the great exodus out west a few years back. We will be headed to Denver, Durango, The GRAND CANYON!!!, and Monument Valley (in Utah).

We both started reading a great book a few weeks back called, “Adventuring with Children” and we are truly inspired by it. We’ve begun to think NOW is the perfect time to travel with our little one – before expectations of entertainment, location and schedules are a huge factor in his life. He is a flexible little dude, and we are going to make sure to respect his sleeping schedule and make sure we make plenty of stops so we can all get out, stretch our legs, and enjoy this experience together – as a family. So, for now, we are off to the great West!