Well Aren’t I Lazy

Looks like Texas basketball coach Amber Branson is really trying to make the rest of us look bad. Not a mere 15 hours after giving birth to her daughter Leslie she was back on the bench coaching her team in the Texas State tournament.

I’m just gonna go over here and eat some girl scout cookies and see what’s on the DVR…

Have a good weekend everyone!

Book Relief

After months of reading such fear inducing books as “What to Expect When Your Expecting”, “The Mayo Clinic’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” and “The Birth Partner”, I took a much need baby book break and picked up “Exploiting My Baby (because it’s exploiting me)”. A friend gave me this book for my baby shower, and while the beautiful, glowing, photoshopped woman on the cover made me put off reading it for a good month I am glad I finally got into it.

Exploiting My Baby Book

Is she pretty?? Yes. But nature still gives her hemorrhoids and stretch marks. Well, to be fair, ONE stretch mark.

Anyway, it’s hilarious and I loved every word of it. I ready Jenny McCarthy’s book, “Belly Laughs”, (the title is enough to make me puke a little), and I have to admin it was a bit schmaltzy for me. This on the other hand was flat out honesty without all the fluffiness.

Pregnant Lady Snack Drawer

Verrrry important.

Pregnant Lady Snack Drawer

Yes, that is a pop-tart. Don't judge.