Modern Crib & Rocker Guides

Hi All!
I have started to curate 2 boards over on Pinterest for modern cribs and one for modern gliders & rockers. I have made all attempts to add prices (where I could find them) and the images link to the actual store. Please come over and check them out!

I will be adding and updating these guys as new styles and finds are released! Thanks for looking!

Redecorating Fever

I have the fever. Little H is but a mere 5 months old, and I am already scouring the internet for ideas on redecorating his room – a million times over! Will it be robots, earth & sky (can’t you just imagine these fluffy clouds hanging above his crib!?) or perhaps the very popular “rainbowtheme?

Right now I am going for a colorful/unbabyish/mod look. Am I pulling it off?


Nursery Finished!

So here are the nursery pics I have been promising. It’s done (or so I hope)! Our big focus was modern (but affordable) furnishings, bright colors (but not primaryish) and cute accents!

Click to view larger & slideshow:

Rocker Update – Score!

Sleepytime Rocker in Slate Grey

Our Sleepytime Rocker!

Rocker update! I was super worried that a deal I found on a parent’s board was bogus. The deal was too good to be true – a Sleepytime Rocker (which retails for about $900-$1,000) for $375. BRAND NEW. Now come on! That IS too good to be true. So I finally made a time and date to go pick it up and it turns out the people were completely normal. In other words, Dom and I were not sold into a sex slave ring! Yay! So the rocker was procured this past Sunday and now sits in our nursery waiting for Baby V to make it home!

Forget the Sock Monkey… You Need a SOCKTOPUS!!!

I ran into this amazing tutorial this morning over at ReadyMade (love love love their magazine!) and must have one. I think there might be a certain grandma out there right now (hint hint) that just wants to sew one up for little Baby V!




Check out the full tutorial here!

Give in to the Giraffe…

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe

Pop quiz: what costs $25, is made of rubber, goes into your baby’s mouth and is the “it” toy for all celebrity babies? Why, its Sophie the Giraffe. Coming straight out of France and into your drooling baby’s face is the hottest toy out there for the “just out of the womb” set.

I had seen Sophie popping up everywhere – local shops, online and in various nursery tour pics across the interwebs, but hadn’t given it too much thought. Until my friend Heather sent me this article yesterday from

Somewhere, right now, a baby is torturing a giraffe: dropping it, chewing it, coating it with a thick layer of drool. Despite this pattern of unprovoked attacks from the nation’s infants, the long-necked mammals—rubber teethers that hail from France—are multiplying across the United States. Sophie the Giraffe is the best-selling baby product on, outranking a nasal aspirator called “The Snotsucker” and a nightlight shaped like a turtle. And while it’s not quite as well-reviewed as Jacques the Peacock, customer comments tend toward the rhapsodic: “totally lives up to the hype”; “this is truly the greatest toy we have—truly”; “Wow! Best Baby Toy Ever!”

You can read the whole article here.

So, I want to know, do you have a Sophie? Is it really worth $25 bones?! It’s cute and all, but that seems like a lot of money for something that will be drooled on and washed constantly in the sink.

Some MAJOR Nesting is Going On…

Somebody let me loose in our local Target this past weekend and some major nesting instincts kicked in. We haven’t made the official purchase of the cloth diapering system we are going to use (Rumparooz – more on that later) and I started to get nervous that Baby V. might come earlier than expected. My official due date is April 21st, but I would place bets on 2 weeks before that. So I picked up a pack of newborn diapers (7th Generation) to have on hand just in case. I also got some newborn onesies (we actually didn’t get a lot of newborn clothes for our shower – mostly 3 month and up) and some small sized “sheet savers”. I received a good hint this weekend from a friend and new mother that these were one of the best things to have on hand to throw on the changing pad in case of accidents. They act like an extra waterproof barrier between the pad and the baby.

I then went home and proceeded to unwrap and put away all the gifts we received or have purchased in the past 2 months. “EVERYTHING must go in it’s place” – says my crazy sleep-deprived brain. Stroller and car seat instructions were read (and barely understood), the Fisher-Price newborn rock and play sleeper (this came highly recommended) was set up, clothes and sheets were washed and folded, shelves were arranged and then rearranged. All in all it felt mostly productive. I think a bit of it was some nervous energy about the baby coming, life changing, ect. ect. But I feel good knowing that I have control over at least one part of the process!

Some of my favorite things…

It’s Settled!

If you have kids, or are pregnant, you know that the choices and amount of crap out there that is peddled to your emotional ass is HUGE. Everything you never knew you needed, wanted or could empty your wallet for is out there – and it’s overwhelming. Lucky for me I have a few friends who are going through the same thing as I am. They are due before I am, so I am learning from their purchases/mistakes/returns what it is I really need for this little guy.

Mistake #1 – trying to save money/buy less crap

I learned mistake #1 the hard way when hubby and I registered for a convertible car seat. This is one that would go from infant to toddler. Sounds great right?? Only one car seat for the next 3 years? Sign me up! Expect when this behemoth came in the mail (weighing in at no less than 65lbs) I realizes my naivete. Uh, yeah, so how would I exactly be transporting a sleeping infant from car to house, car to restaurant, car to ANYWHERE? Thus began my manic postings on NPN (Neighborhood Parents Network – a great site if you live in the Chicago area) where I pleaded with the masses to help me figure out a good, easy system that would at least last me the first 7-9 months or so.

So this is what we came up with – the Graco Snugride 35 and the Baby Trend Snap n Go Stroller.

Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat in Clairmont

Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat in Clairmont

Baby Trend Snap N Go Single Stroller

Baby Trend Snap N Go Single Stroller

Ok, so I guess I really have only one mistake – but it’s definitely a recurring theme when it comes to buying baby stuff. I don’t have a lot of family around to help guide me in the right/best/will do direction! So, hopefully the car seat will last 8-9 months (up to 35 lbs) so we will get some good use out of it! Any comments from parents out there that have been there done that? Are we making a good choice?

Drool for the Day: Flensted Mobiles

Ok, maybe I am going a little mobile crazy. I have been on a hunt for the “perfect mobile” for about 3 months now – with no success. Which is the right mobile for our nursery? For our little guy? Well, my search may have come to an end. Check out the amazingly cute and simple mobiles from Flensted Mobiles, run in Denmark by Christian Flensted and his family of “Uromagers”, a name impossible to translate into English, which means a “maker of mischievous things that are always on the move”. How cool is that?!


Olephants Mobile

Jonas and the Whale

Jonas and the Whale Mobile

Floating Fish Mobile

Floating Fish Mobile

The Wisest Owls

The Wisest Owls

You can check out all their cool mobiles here!