Some MAJOR Nesting is Going On…

Somebody let me loose in our local Target this past weekend and some major nesting instincts kicked in. We haven’t made the official purchase of the cloth diapering system we are going to use (Rumparooz – more on that later) and I started to get nervous that Baby V. might come earlier than expected. My official due date is April 21st, but I would place bets on 2 weeks before that. So I picked up a pack of newborn diapers (7th Generation) to have on hand just in case. I also got some newborn onesies (we actually didn’t get a lot of newborn clothes for our shower – mostly 3 month and up) and some small sized “sheet savers”. I received a good hint this weekend from a friend and new mother that these were one of the best things to have on hand to throw on the changing pad in case of accidents. They act like an extra waterproof barrier between the pad and the baby.

I then went home and proceeded to unwrap and put away all the gifts we received or have purchased in the past 2 months. “EVERYTHING must go in it’s place” – says my crazy sleep-deprived brain. Stroller and car seat instructions were read (and barely understood), the Fisher-Price newborn rock and play sleeper (this came highly recommended) was set up, clothes and sheets were washed and folded, shelves were arranged and then rearranged. All in all it felt mostly productive. I think a bit of it was some nervous energy about the baby coming, life changing, ect. ect. But I feel good knowing that I have control over at least one part of the process!

Snowmageddon/SnOMG/Snopocalypse 2011

As you might have heard, here in the Chicagoland area we got a blizzard last night. In the city our total snow accumulations were around 18-20 inches. Now, I can’t complain. Poor Washington and NYC seem to get this kind of thing every year, and those places SHUT DOWN. Here in Chicago we get a little snow, we complain and/or talk incessantly about it for a week, and then we go to work the next day. No big deal.


The view from my building

I have sequestered myself indoors for the day and have begun relentlessly nesting. I slept in until 10, and then proceeded to wash all the baby clothes/take down and spackle holes left by a shelf in the nursery/write baby shower thank-you notes/bake muffcakes/cook tropical risotto (a fav breakfast dish of mine) – enough for the whole week/watch episodes of 30 Rock (ok, this might not count as nesting – but a lady needs a break!) and put away all baby shower items in the nursery. Whew. I’m beat.