Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Wall – Yes? No?

We are trying to decide if it would be cool to do a low lying magnetic chalkboard wall along the area that separates our dining/kitchen area from our living area. We have an open floor plan, so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming to have a strip of black running along the wall – with the idea that Hayden could have a place to color and play with alphabet magnets and it might be cool to use it as a rotating photo wall as well.  Now to figure out a cool chalkboard/magnets holder…

What do you think?

Wall Before
Wall After

Living Room Update

A week ago we got our new twin sleeper and lamp from CB2 and they are starting to grow on me. At first I was unsure the new couch/sleeper got along well with my baby – a Room & Board couch – but I think they do! Sometimes it just takes a while to get the feel of a room.

Here are the two items we got:

CB2 Julius Twin Sleeper
CB2 fujiya floor lamp

And here they are in our living room – coexisting happily!

Our Living Room

Office Space

Nursery Finished!

So here are the nursery pics I have been promising. It’s done (or so I hope)! Our big focus was modern (but affordable) furnishings, bright colors (but not primaryish) and cute accents!

Click to view larger & slideshow:

Awesome Prints!

I could totally see redoing Baby V’s bedroom with some of these amazing gems in a year or so… How awesome are these!?

Horses Gonna Hate by Aled Lewis

Horses Gonna Hate by Aled Lewis

The Upper Hand by Aled Lewis

The Upper Hand by Aled Lewis

Lone(ly) Wolf by Aled Lewis

Lone(ly) Wolf by Aled Lewis

Murder Mystery by Aled Lewis

Murder Mystery by Aled Lewis

You can check all of them out here, or purchase them here!

Rocker Update – Score!

Sleepytime Rocker in Slate Grey

Our Sleepytime Rocker!

Rocker update! I was super worried that a deal I found on a parent’s board was bogus. The deal was too good to be true – a Sleepytime Rocker (which retails for about $900-$1,000) for $375. BRAND NEW. Now come on! That IS too good to be true. So I finally made a time and date to go pick it up and it turns out the people were completely normal. In other words, Dom and I were not sold into a sex slave ring! Yay! So the rocker was procured this past Sunday and now sits in our nursery waiting for Baby V to make it home!

Spring, and, if it were a girl…

Well, it’s almost spring. It was 60 yesterday here in Chicago and today is supposed to get to 65! While there is no official sign of spring yet – no color ANYWHERE – it was still awesome to wear a dress with no tights and flats today to work! Heaven for a pregnant lady. I came home yesterday and did some major nursery organizing and mounted a shelf I have had sitting around since our trip to IKEA. I opened the windows and back porch door and let some much needed fresh air into the house. I had such a burst of energy! I attribute it to the warmer weather, the 1 hour of extra daylight after I get off work and the impending baby boy about to come into our lives. Yesterday was the first time I had actually felt good for a while – i.e. I didn’t just come home and lay on the couch until bed time.

I also started working on a little board over at Pinterest yesterday called “If it were a girl…”. It’s still in progress, but I wanted to challenge myself to figure out a little girl’s nursery that wasn’t over the top girly, but still feminine. In other words, a place that didn’t look like an American Doll vomited everywhere.

Here are a couple pieces (I’ll post the whole board once it’s done!):


We have an IKEA here in Chicago. I remember that I had just started college when it first opened. And it was a revelation let me tell you. Well, I have been a faithful follower ever since, and while my tastes have gotten better (goodbye futon, hello Room & Board couch) I am still an IKEA adherent. There are still many IKEA products around the house that could use a refreshing!  Well I came across this site today and must share the amazingness within! It’s called Mykea and it’s a full line of products meant to work specifically with IKEA items. So customize your MALMs and BILLYs to your heart’s content!

Check out Mykea here!

The Search for a Modern & Affordable Crib

We knew as soon as we got pregnant we wanted our baby’s room to be modern – like the rest of our pad. I despise all the primary colored nursery sets out there I keep seeing – it looks like a unicorn vomited everywhere. So thus began the search for a modern crib – the focal point, and probably most important part of the nursery.

Baby Mod Crib from Walmart - Modern Crib

The Baby Mod Parklane all put together in our nursery

Now, let me just say this, my husband HATES Walmart. With a passion. He refuses to go into one. He gets angry every time we drive by one. Hates. Not using a strong enough word here. WELL… while browsing through one of my favorite (pre-pregnancy) sites, Apartment Therapy, I found out about Ohdeedoh, AP’s children’s design site. I love this site. I love looking through all the different nurserys that people design on a budget (or not) and the great spaces they come up with. So in browsing through the site I found a lot of people who described their nursery as “modern” had purchased the crib (and dresser usually) through Walmart. Now of course my first thought was, “What? WALMART has modern baby furniture?!”, but alas, they do!

So I was thrilled to see a post this morning on Ohdeedoh titled, “Budget Basics: Modern Cribs”. And there was the Baby Mod Parkland crib that I gotten from Walmart. Check out the post here.

Want one of your own? Click here to check out the crib on Walmart’s website, and here to check out the dresser (we got both – super easy to put together and good quality too!)