On the Other Side…

Hayden SmilingWell here we are – my little man is nearly 12 days old! And, as cliched as it all sounds, I can not believe how fundamentally my life has changed. Everything around me looks different. My home feels different. My body feels different. Even my pets feel different to me. Time seems to stand still, yet everyday and every moment he is growing – getting bigger, making new faces, learning new tricks. I never thought I could just sit and stare at someone forever and love him as much as I do. He is already the light of my life and I have only known him less than 2 weeks!

I’ll be keeping up with the blog as much as possible in the next few months. Hopefully once we start to get a routine going I’ll be able to plan my day better. But for now we are settling into our new lives and learning how to be a family!


And Baby… *OFFICIALLY* Makes Three!

I’ve been a bit absent lately because our little man made his grand entrance exactly 2 weeks early! On April 7th at 8:45 pm, Hayden Xavier was born here in Chicago. He weighed in at 7.13 lbs and was 19.5″ long. The labor and birth went really fast – my water broke at 8am, contractions started at 2pm and along he came by 8:45.

We are already in love…

Hayden Xavier