Drool for the Day: House Industries

Drool. Just… drool. Found this site today via a feed I follow through Google Reader. And I. Am. In. Love. House Industries anyone?? Who doesn’t love super cool modern amazing housewares?! I found the site via a post about these awesome Eames House Blocks:

Eames House Blocks from House Industries

Then once I started browsing I found this amazing little guy:

Marilyn Neuhart Kitty Casa Doll from House Industries

Marilyn Neuhart Kitty Casa Doll from House Industries

If you have an unlimited amount of money (and good taste) check out their site!

The Quest to Find a Modern Rocker…

The Monte Joya Rocker

… has ended. What my mind envisioned, and what my wallet demanded were two different things. And now, after 2 months of scouring the internet for a rocker (or glider) that didn’t look like it belonged in the den of my parent’s 1970′s style basement, I have chosen. Was it the best choice? Well, probably not.

I have mentioned before that I love looking through all the user submitted nurserys on Ohdeedoh and a lot of them featured the classic Eames rocker. Well, let me tell you, I have always dreamed about owning my own Eames rocker. Then I decided to start reading reviews of rockers and suggestions from moms who have been there done that. The biggest downside, it seemed, was that the rocker back was too short – no place to rest your weary head during long nights of nursing or rocking your baby to sleep. So, I started checking out other options and that is when the Monte Joya rocker and I met. And it was love at first site. The clean lines! The walnut wood base! The cute lumbar support pillow! Everything about screamed to be put down smack dab into my little nursery haven I was creating… except for the price tag.

My Knock-Off Eames Rocker

My Knock-Off Eames Rocker

At a cool $900 (before shipping or adding other options) it was way out of my price range. Especially if my baby wanted diapers, food, ect. So, back to the Eames rocker. Well, it clocks in well under the Joya at around $500 (new at Herman Miller or R&B). I could probably find a used one on Craigs List for around $400 (if I was lucky). So on to Overstock.com and my new best friend, the Vinnie Cradle Chair. According to most of the review on the site this is a pretty damn good knock-off – and at $135 bucks, a good budget fit as well. Plus, I figured if it didn’t work out in the nursery it would look good elsewhere in the house. Score!