Custom LA Blik Magnets! How Cool is That!?

I love Blik. I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I have posted previously about using Bliks in our nursery (Wee Gallery) and it seems like everyday they come up with something new and cool I want to use somewhere in our house! So when I got the Blik email today and saw these awesome LA themed magnets (a first for the company) I knew I wanted some for little Baby V to be. Maybe Chicago-themed? How cool would that be!

Custom Blik Magnents

Custom LA Blik Magnents

Custom Blik Magnents

Custom Blik LA Magnents

Since they are custom made (boo) you can’t buy them from Blik. But maybe they will start selling kiddo sized magnets soon! One can only hope…

Check out more pics here

odosketch – creative coolness

I ran across this site today on another blog and was immediately entranced. You don’t have to be artistically inclined to create a cool sketch here! This is my first go:


The best part is, after you save your sketch, you can see all the strokes animated that got you there. The featured gallery on the home page is inspiring as well. I could see myself using a site like this to get the creative juices flowing…

Check out odosketch here! And, you can check out my animated sketch here.