12 Days of Craftsmas – Day One Complete!

So for my very first craft I decided to do a wreath! And I love the way it turned out. Honestly the hardest part wasn’t creating the wreath, it was decided what to adorn it with. I went through several iterations before deciding on this one:

I followed this tutorial for the wreath, and created the felt “rosettes” on my own. I am really happy with the way it came out – super simple to do as well. I think I spent less than an hour on the whole project!

12 Days of “Craftsmas” – Day 1

Hello All! Well today is day 1 of the 12 Days of Craftsmas and I wanted to share with you my craft of choice.

We just decorated the house for Christmas and I have always wanted a wreath – just not a “traditional” wreath. Something a little more modern and colorful. I also have never had tinsel in the house, so I’m doing a craft that combines all my hopes and wishes for a wreath into one giant wreath of awesomeness!

Here is the tutorial I will be following. I plan on adding a little of my own pizazz, so stay tuned for results!


Crib Skirt

The crib we purchased (the Parklane Baby Mod) from Walmart has an odd space between where the mattress ends and the storage area begins. Especially since we have the mattress up high for when the baby is young. A traditional crib skirt was out because it would interfere with the storage drawers below. So I set out to find a DIY solution and came across this post over at Young House Love. They just so happen to have the same exact crib, and therefore issue, that we have! And because they are loads craftier then me, came up with an awesome, and super easy, solution. Since I am as lazy as they come, I took Sherry’s idea and made it even simpler. Instead of using traditional fabric as she did I found some grey felt in my stash that would do the trick. Since felt doesn’t fray I was able to get away with just using plain, un-hemmed squares of fabric for each side of the crib. I also didn’t bond all three pieces together – I did separate squares for each side. I did use Sherry’s idea of sticky velcro to attach all the pieces on (works perfectly!) and since each side of the felt hangs below, or is hidden by the sides of the crib, I didn’t have to do any sewing OR bonding of the material. Score!

Crib Before

This is crib right after we assembled it. You can see the funky space between where the mattress rests and the storage area below.

Crib Close Up

Here is the after. You can see the felt hangs nicely since it's a bit stiffer than regular fabric.

Full Crib

Here's a full shot of the completed project. I only did 3 sides - leaving out the back.

Tuba Approves

Tuba Approves.

Forget the Sock Monkey… You Need a SOCKTOPUS!!!

I ran into this amazing tutorial this morning over at ReadyMade (love love love their magazine!) and must have one. I think there might be a certain grandma out there right now (hint hint) that just wants to sew one up for little Baby V!




Check out the full tutorial here!

Crafty Kids Tutorials

I wanted to roundup a bunch of super cute kiddo tutorials I have been seeing lately in my internet browsing. I can’t wait to not make any of them since I have absolutely NO energy left for anything other than laying on the couch watch back episodes of Hoarders (6 more weeks of this?!). But you can make them!

1. Bert & Ernie Shirts – by MADE
2. Kimono Tutorial – by Habitual (you will need to request the pattern from her)
3. Sock Monkey Tutorial – by Craft with Confidence
4. How to Make Garland – by Chic & Cheap Nursery
5. Monster Pillow – by Ruffles & Stuff
6. Recycle a Crib Skirt – by Prudent Baby
7. Monster Tooth Pillow – by The Long Thread

What I’ll Be Doing This Weekend

I ran across this tutorial today and can’t wait to get home to make one! Our nursery has a sorta, kinda, might be – forest theme, and one of these little guys would look perfect in there!

Owl Stuffies

Owl Stuffies

If you are a little crafty and can sew check out Hammer and Thread’s awesome tutorial here!

p.s. I will post pics of my owl sometime soon! I am a bit ambitious when it comes to projects, and these days I tend to sleep a lot on the weekends, and/or lay on the couch watching back episodes of Hoarders. With only 9 weeks to go until baby boy gets here I better get my fat butt in gear!