Modern Crib & Rocker Guides

Hi All!
I have started to curate 2 boards over on Pinterest for modern cribs and one for modern gliders & rockers. I have made all attempts to add prices (where I could find them) and the images link to the actual store. Please come over and check them out!

I will be adding and updating these guys as new styles and finds are released! Thanks for looking!

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Wall – Yes? No?

We are trying to decide if it would be cool to do a low lying magnetic chalkboard wall along the area that separates our dining/kitchen area from our living area. We have an open floor plan, so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming to have a strip of black running along the wall – with the idea that Hayden could have a place to color and play with alphabet magnets and it might be cool to use it as a rotating photo wall as well.  Now to figure out a cool chalkboard/magnets holder…

What do you think?

Wall Before
Wall After

Living Room Update

A week ago we got our new twin sleeper and lamp from CB2 and they are starting to grow on me. At first I was unsure the new couch/sleeper got along well with my baby – a Room & Board couch – but I think they do! Sometimes it just takes a while to get the feel of a room.

Here are the two items we got:

CB2 Julius Twin Sleeper
CB2 fujiya floor lamp

And here they are in our living room – coexisting happily!

Our Living Room

Tents Galore!

I came across this fab post from Cakies about a month ago and just knew we had to make this for little H for his upcoming 1 year birthday party! I passed on the link to my hubby (who would be taking care of any woodworking/drilling/nailing that had to happen) and he quickly agreed we needed this in our home post-haste. So this past Sunday Dom headed with Hayden in the stroller to Home Depot (a mere 3 miles from our house) to procure the wood while I headed to IKEA for the fabric (I don’t ever need an excuse to go to IKEA!). I’ll skip past the boring pics of us trying to drill wood in our apartment (mostly because I forgot to take any) and get right to the awesome result pics:

We were so thrilled with the outcome that we set it out immediately to try it out. Dom and I took turns hiding out in it while we watched episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and ate Pocky. I wonder who is going to get the most use out of this thing…

Check out my Pinterest board of tents for more ideas!

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Office Space

Redecorating Fever

I have the fever. Little H is but a mere 5 months old, and I am already scouring the internet for ideas on redecorating his room – a million times over! Will it be robots, earth & sky (can’t you just imagine these fluffy clouds hanging above his crib!?) or perhaps the very popular “rainbowtheme?

Right now I am going for a colorful/unbabyish/mod look. Am I pulling it off?


Nursery Finished!

So here are the nursery pics I have been promising. It’s done (or so I hope)! Our big focus was modern (but affordable) furnishings, bright colors (but not primaryish) and cute accents!

Click to view larger & slideshow:

Put Some Pantone in Your Life

It seems like Pantone is all the rage now in home design so I wanted to do a quick roundup of some cool products & tutorials out there. Being a web designer I utilize color in my everyday work and life, and although I use hexadecimal colors for the web, I am constantly converting Pantone colors from our print department at work. I love the new range of products out there from storage containers to magnets to bags to cakes(!) that feature bright and cheery Pantone colors. So check some out here (click to view larger pics):

PANTONE WEDDING- The Dessy Group Pantone Hotel Pantone iPhone & iPad Cases
Pantone Wedding by
The Dessy Group
The Pantone Hotel
(you heard me right!)
Pantone iPhone & iPad
Cases by Case Senario
Pantone Chip Cookies Pantone Salt Or Pepper Mills Pantone Folding Chairs
Pantone Chip Cookies Pantone Salt & Pepper Mills Pantone Folding Chairs
DIY Pantone Magnets Pantone Cupcakes Seletti Pantone Bikes
DIY Pantone Magnets Pantone Cupcakes! Seletti Pantone Bikes
Ok, how amazing are these!!!

I think I have my color fix for the day!

Rocker Update – Score!

Sleepytime Rocker in Slate Grey

Our Sleepytime Rocker!

Rocker update! I was super worried that a deal I found on a parent’s board was bogus. The deal was too good to be true – a Sleepytime Rocker (which retails for about $900-$1,000) for $375. BRAND NEW. Now come on! That IS too good to be true. So I finally made a time and date to go pick it up and it turns out the people were completely normal. In other words, Dom and I were not sold into a sex slave ring! Yay! So the rocker was procured this past Sunday and now sits in our nursery waiting for Baby V to make it home!

Rocker Update

Sadly I do not mean rocker as in David Bowie. I’m talking about my ongoing obsession with finding a reasonably priced nursery rocker. A few months back I had posted about my search for a modern affordable glider or rocker here. While I pined over the Monte Joya rocker, alas, it was not in the budget. I eventually settled on an Eames rocker knock off.

Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker

Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker

Now, I must say, I LOVE that little chair. It’s super cute, the size is great for our little nursery and it has style. Is it the most practical rocker for a nursery? Probably not. The more mama blogs I read, and the more people I talk to, it seems like having a super comfortable place to chillax during a nighttime feeding is reallllly important. So, with limited budget in hand, I began my search again. This time I went to the boards. I belong to NPN, a Chicago-based parents site, and began posting and searching the boards there for a used modern rocker. I lucked out and found a Nurseryworks Sleepytime Rocker! It’s even in the color we want (see pic) and it’s brand new. For 1/2 off the original price it’s a steal! Score! We are supposed to pic it up this weekend. So unless the lady flakes, or we show up and it turns out they are recruiting for a sex ring, hopefully this rocker will be in my home by the end of the weekend! Yay!