Todd Oldham for Target

Get excited!!!! Ok, you don’t have to be AS excited as me, but still I love me some Todd Oldham. And now you can love him too with his new line at Target coming May 20th! Check out the post over at Apartment Therapy for more info…

Todd Oldham for Targetimage via Apartment Therapy

Diana Photo Wall

A few months before the baby was born I bought my husband a Diana mini camera. If you haven’t heard about them, or seen on before, they are pretty cool. You can read more info about them on the Lomography site.

He has taken hundreds of photos (72 1/2 frames fit on one role of film) and just recently he started going through them and vetting out the best ones. What used to be a photo gallery frame wall (of course I didn’t take any before pics, sigh) is now our ever rotating Diana photo wall. Dom painted a nice thick border to keep the wall from becoming an unruly mess of photos and he used these photo clips to align and hang everything. Here are the results:

Diana Photo Wall
Diana Photo Wall
Diana Photo Wall

Lowes Creative Ideas Website

I learned about the Lowes Creative Ideas website this past weekend and my every waking moment (ok, maybe not EVERY) has been consumed with drooling over/dreaming of all the cool projects they have on the site. The best part is they are labeled by skill level and they also give the estimated cost of the project. Genius.

Here are the projects I am “sure” I will be finishing in the next few months…

Lowes Projects
1. Leaning Shelf
2. Children’s Play Table
3. Kitchen Storage Cart
4. Stack it Up Table (FYI – this link is currently broken on Lowes site)

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint Wall – Yes? No?

We are trying to decide if it would be cool to do a low lying magnetic chalkboard wall along the area that separates our dining/kitchen area from our living area. We have an open floor plan, so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming to have a strip of black running along the wall – with the idea that Hayden could have a place to color and play with alphabet magnets and it might be cool to use it as a rotating photo wall as well.  Now to figure out a cool chalkboard/magnets holder…

What do you think?

Wall Before
Wall After