Todd Oldham for Target

Get excited!!!! Ok, you don’t have to be AS excited as me, but still I love me some Todd Oldham. And now you can love him too with his new line at Target coming May 20th! Check out the post over at Apartment Therapy for more info…

Todd Oldham for Targetimage via Apartment Therapy

Diana Photo Wall

A few months before the baby was born I bought my husband a Diana mini camera. If you haven’t heard about them, or seen on before, they are pretty cool. You can read more info about them on the Lomography site.

He has taken hundreds of photos (72 1/2 frames fit on one role of film) and just recently he started going through them and vetting out the best ones. What used to be a photo gallery frame wall (of course I didn’t take any before pics, sigh) is now our ever rotating Diana photo wall. Dom painted a nice thick border to keep the wall from becoming an unruly mess of photos and he used these photo clips to align and hang everything. Here are the results:

Diana Photo Wall
Diana Photo Wall
Diana Photo Wall

Lowes Creative Ideas Website

I learned about the Lowes Creative Ideas website this past weekend and my every waking moment (ok, maybe not EVERY) has been consumed with drooling over/dreaming of all the cool projects they have on the site. The best part is they are labeled by skill level and they also give the estimated cost of the project. Genius.

Here are the projects I am “sure” I will be finishing in the next few months…

Lowes Projects
1. Leaning Shelf
2. Children’s Play Table
3. Kitchen Storage Cart
4. Stack it Up Table (FYI – this link is currently broken on Lowes site)

Tents Galore!

I came across this fab post from Cakies about a month ago and just knew we had to make this for little H for his upcoming 1 year birthday party! I passed on the link to my hubby (who would be taking care of any woodworking/drilling/nailing that had to happen) and he quickly agreed we needed this in our home post-haste. So this past Sunday Dom headed with Hayden in the stroller to Home Depot (a mere 3 miles from our house) to procure the wood while I headed to IKEA for the fabric (I don’t ever need an excuse to go to IKEA!). I’ll skip past the boring pics of us trying to drill wood in our apartment (mostly because I forgot to take any) and get right to the awesome result pics:

We were so thrilled with the outcome that we set it out immediately to try it out. Dom and I took turns hiding out in it while we watched episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and ate Pocky. I wonder who is going to get the most use out of this thing…

Check out my Pinterest board of tents for more ideas!

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12 Days of Craftsmas – Day Six Complete!

For Day 6 I have been saving a bunch of glass bottles to “inner paint”. Again, this is a ridiculously easy project to complete and fast to boot. My fav little bottle was one I picked up yesterday at Caffe ROM downtown. It’s called Sanbitter and it tastes horrible. I loved the bottle though, so it was worth the $2.50 price tag.

The fact that the word “bitter” is in the name should have tipped me off…
Pre-paint Paint-filled
Bitter bottle Collection!

My only suggestion for this project is to fill your bottles with a little more paint than necessary. I did a test bottle this past weekend (I know, I’m a cheater!) and noticed the next day that once the paint starts to dry and shrink some cracking can occur. I simple spun my bottle around and “re-painted” the inside. Do this several times a day after each coat has dried and you will have awesome results!

12 Days of Craftsmas – Day Four Complete!

One of the things I have been excited to try out for a while is the whole “PAINT IT WHITE!!!” craze. Basically this boils down to: find some crazy sculpture/knick-knack/trash item and, wait for it… PAINT IT WHITE! Now, here in
Chicago it’s illegal to sell spray paint. So I picked some up while I was downstate visiting family. I purchased 3 high-gloss colors – red, yellow and white. You could also use matte if that’s the look you are going for.

The tutorial I followed (here) suggests collecting items of similar style/interest and painting them all white to create a collection. I hit the Salvation Army this past weekend and could only find ONE item I wanted to paint. I did however find this gem, which was a little too frightening and bordering on crazy cat lady for my tastes:

So I settled on this playful, innocent little guy:

Cute right? I mean, how harmless can this little fellow be?? Well behold SATAN RACCOON!

12 Days of Craftsmas – Day Two & Three Complete!

Hello! Sorry I didn’t post day 2 yesterday. I was so busy preparing for my friend Lori’s craft-a-thon that night that I had no time! So here are days 2 and 3 for you!

Day 2 – Pencil Roll

For day 2 I did a pencil roll as a Christmas gift. My sewing skills lie somewhere between non-existent and beginner, so while it’s not perfect I am happy with the way it turned out!

Pinned Up Sewn
(note my amazing skillz)
Pencils inserted
(don’t worry, I am buying new ones when I gift it!)
Detail of pencils

While the tutorial claimed this project took only 10 minutes it, of course, took me 5 times that!

Day 3 – Tee Shirt Scarf

Now this really is a fun and easy project!! My friend Lori hosted a “Pop Up Craft Party” and invited everyone over to make scarves (and drink wine!). You really can do this project in 10 minutes, and I love the outcome of what using different patterned shirts can do for your scarf.

Lori explains to us that this is a “serve yourself” wine party. We had no problem with that. Heather chops it up with some mad scissor skills. We dubbed Heather’s scarf the “New Year’s Eve Scarf” – notice the bling!
My yellow scarf and snazzed up University of Illinois Tee Lori shows off her
modeling talent!
The ladies and their final products!
It was a good evening…

There are several tutorials out there for tee shirt scarves, but here is the one I followed (video included!).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s craft – “Paint it White!”

12 Days of Craftsmas – Day One Complete!

So for my very first craft I decided to do a wreath! And I love the way it turned out. Honestly the hardest part wasn’t creating the wreath, it was decided what to adorn it with. I went through several iterations before deciding on this one:

I followed this tutorial for the wreath, and created the felt “rosettes” on my own. I am really happy with the way it came out – super simple to do as well. I think I spent less than an hour on the whole project!

Helllllllo Again!

I have been a bad blogger. I know, I know. But I can believe what a time suck my little man is turning out to be! Who knew?! Anyway, I have been inspired lately by all the craftastic moms (and non-moms) out there who seem to have time for it all, work/life/kids, ect. So I am creating a challenge for myself that I want to start Dec. 1st. I am calling it the 12 Days of Crafting (I know, catchy right?!).

Dec. 1st – 12th I will be creating a craft-a-day. I see so many tutorials out there – and have some ideas of my own – and I never seem to have the time for them. So I am shutting off the TV, giving up Words With Friends, and gettin’ out the glue gun! I will be posting my results – good or bad – everyday starting Dec. 1st, so stay tuned for awesomness!

Put Some Pantone in Your Life

It seems like Pantone is all the rage now in home design so I wanted to do a quick roundup of some cool products & tutorials out there. Being a web designer I utilize color in my everyday work and life, and although I use hexadecimal colors for the web, I am constantly converting Pantone colors from our print department at work. I love the new range of products out there from storage containers to magnets to bags to cakes(!) that feature bright and cheery Pantone colors. So check some out here (click to view larger pics):

PANTONE WEDDING- The Dessy Group Pantone Hotel Pantone iPhone & iPad Cases
Pantone Wedding by
The Dessy Group
The Pantone Hotel
(you heard me right!)
Pantone iPhone & iPad
Cases by Case Senario
Pantone Chip Cookies Pantone Salt Or Pepper Mills Pantone Folding Chairs
Pantone Chip Cookies Pantone Salt & Pepper Mills Pantone Folding Chairs
DIY Pantone Magnets Pantone Cupcakes Seletti Pantone Bikes
DIY Pantone Magnets Pantone Cupcakes! Seletti Pantone Bikes
Ok, how amazing are these!!!

I think I have my color fix for the day!