We were inspired by a recent post over at Baby Rabies to capture a life in our ordinary day.

8:15am – Hayden was up at 6am – I guess we are back on Chicago time…
Still in PJs and hanging out. We love weekends!
9:17am – On the weekends we take turns letting each other sleep in (or not!).
10:20am – First nap. Fast asleep…
11:30am – Baby Lunchtime! The whole bowl ended up on the floor. Again.
Hayden has not been into eating today. Drank lots and lots of rice milk.
12:20 – Picked up my new Bern helmet then off to the
Tour de Fat in Logan Square!
1:22pm – Empanadas from 5411. Mmmmm….
2:10pm – Gentle Scout goes nuts for some aqua fresca!!
3:13pm – Dom rides an Art Bike at the Tour de Fat
4:52pm – Book time! Books multiply like baby bunnies in our house.
I honestly don’t know where they all come from.
5:23pm – Whinnie The Poo. Yup. More book time.
6:23pm – Whole Foods salad bar dinner. Yeah, lazy tonight and didn’t want
to cook. So we hit up the Whole Foods on North Ave (i.e. Mecca) for some
of my fav vegan pizza (and vegan milkshake) and a salad bar sampling for
Hayden. He only ate the pad thai and then tried to throw the rest on the
ground. I am ready for this phase to be over!
7:58pm – Last moment of the day: bedtime. Hayden has been napping and
going down for bedtime great since we got back from our trip out West.
No protesting and no tears! I can live with this!