Day Eleven – Tee-Shirt Apron

For day eleven I created a tee shirt apron! It was pretty fast, and I loved that the tutorial included spoon slots in the turned up part. I have already started using it!

Original Shirt All cut up Folding and pinning
the edges up
Creating the ties Finished apron!

Day Tweleve – DIY Snow Globes

These were beyond fun to make. I really struggled with finding cute little items to put into each one until my husband suggested going to Uncle Fun, which is a super awesome gag gift store here in Chicago. I used jars I saved up from salsa, things from Trader Joes and baby food jars. Here is the original tutorial (via the now defunct Ready Made mag – boo).

Super gluing Bowler Dude Hold for 1 minute… You gotta add bling!
Ready to bowl! Babar Tin soldiers & a pelican
Babar a globed up! Plastic hearts for shakin’ Sparkles!

Well, I can’t believe it’s over!! And I honestly can’t believe I did all 12 crafts in 12 days. I love most of what I got out of the project, and the best part is I have kick-started my idea engine into gear and have lots of cool things planned for 2012!