So I have completed days 8 and 9 and am ready to show you the results! These were 2 projects I was looking forward to a lot. I have had them bookmarked for a while and now I am happy to have tried them out and to show you the results!

Day Eight – Baby Sun Crinkle Toy

I had planned on giving this one as a gift – but as you can see it didn’t turn out as colorful and awesome as the original tutorial. I will definitely be making another one. In the meanwhile, Hayden will be my guinea pig for playability!

Sooo many choices… Hmmm, I need circles. My circles and
long triangles ready to go!
Sewing up the “arms” Sewing everything
inside the large circle
Completed circle
Let’s use a seaweed
snack bag for the crinkle!
Chopped up and
ready to go…
Completed Sun!

Day Nine – Popsicle Stick Magnets

This tutorial couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s not really a tutorial! Just check out the pics and make your own!

The supplies Painting!
Half way there… And the final product!

Secret Project!

So my friend Lori brought over some chalkboard spray paint a few days ago, so I HAD to try it out on something! And since I had been saving up bottles for my day 6 tutorial I had some leftover. So after 3 coats of paint here is the results:

I thought I was so original, but after a quick Google search I found several tutorials out there for this exact same project! One tip I did pick up was to take the chalk and rub it over the entire bottle and then wipe it off. It gives the bottle that cool old chalkboard look!