For Day 6 I have been saving a bunch of glass bottles to “inner paint”. Again, this is a ridiculously easy project to complete and fast to boot. My fav little bottle was one I picked up yesterday at Caffe ROM downtown. It’s called Sanbitter and it tastes horrible. I loved the bottle though, so it was worth the $2.50 price tag.

The fact that the word “bitter” is in the name should have tipped me off…
Pre-paint Paint-filled
Bitter bottle Collection!

My only suggestion for this project is to fill your bottles with a little more paint than necessary. I did a test bottle this past weekend (I know, I’m a cheater!) and noticed the next day that once the paint starts to dry and shrink some cracking can occur. I simple spun my bottle around and “re-painted” the inside. Do this several times a day after each coat has dried and you will have awesome results!