One of the things I have been excited to try out for a while is the whole “PAINT IT WHITE!!!” craze. Basically this boils down to: find some crazy sculpture/knick-knack/trash item and, wait for it… PAINT IT WHITE! Now, here in
Chicago it’s illegal to sell spray paint. So I picked some up while I was downstate visiting family. I purchased 3 high-gloss colors – red, yellow and white. You could also use matte if that’s the look you are going for.

The tutorial I followed (here) suggests collecting items of similar style/interest and painting them all white to create a collection. I hit the Salvation Army this past weekend and could only find ONE item I wanted to paint. I did however find this gem, which was a little too frightening and bordering on crazy cat lady for my tastes:

So I settled on this playful, innocent little guy:

Cute right? I mean, how harmless can this little fellow be?? Well behold SATAN RACCOON!