Hello! Sorry I didn’t post day 2 yesterday. I was so busy preparing for my friend Lori’s craft-a-thon that night that I had no time! So here are days 2 and 3 for you!

Day 2 – Pencil Roll

For day 2 I did a pencil roll as a Christmas gift. My sewing skills lie somewhere between non-existent and beginner, so while it’s not perfect I am happy with the way it turned out!

Pinned Up Sewn
(note my amazing skillz)
Pencils inserted
(don’t worry, I am buying new ones when I gift it!)
Detail of pencils

While the tutorial claimed this project took only 10 minutes it, of course, took me 5 times that!

Day 3 – Tee Shirt Scarf

Now this really is a fun and easy project!! My friend Lori hosted a “Pop Up Craft Party” and invited everyone over to make scarves (and drink wine!). You really can do this project in 10 minutes, and I love the outcome of what using different patterned shirts can do for your scarf.

Lori explains to us that this is a “serve yourself” wine party. We had no problem with that. Heather chops it up with some mad scissor skills. We dubbed Heather’s scarf the “New Year’s Eve Scarf” – notice the bling!
My yellow scarf and snazzed up University of Illinois Tee Lori shows off her
modeling talent!
The ladies and their final products!
It was a good evening…

There are several tutorials out there for tee shirt scarves, but here is the one I followed (video included!).

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s craft – “Paint it White!”