This weekend my mother made Hayden yet another owl themed item – a pillow! And it is super cute. So I was looking around and realized that we are owl-crazed in this house! So I gathered together all the owl themed items I could find and here they are!
1. Crocheted Owl Hat – homemade by my mom2. Croched Owl Pilliow – homemade by my mom

3. Stuf 12″ Yellow Bird (ok, he’s not an owl, but they have one here if you love this brand!)

4. Skip*Hop Night & Day Discovery Toy

5. Paul Frank julius! Alphabet Flash Cards (ok… not an owl – just a really cute quail!!)

6. Kooky Owl – homemade by my grandma – check out the pattern here!

7. Skip*Hop Treetime Friends Stroller Toy

8. Skip*Hop Treetime Friends Activity Mat

9. Gap Forest Creatures One Piece (bonus – it’s on sale right now!)