I have been a bad blogger. I know, I know. But I can believe what a time suck my little man is turning out to be! Who knew?! Anyway, I have been inspired lately by all the craftastic moms (and non-moms) out there who seem to have time for it all, work/life/kids, ect. So I am creating a challenge for myself that I want to start Dec. 1st. I am calling it the 12 Days of Crafting (I know, catchy right?!).

Dec. 1st – 12th I will be creating a craft-a-day. I see so many tutorials out there – and have some ideas of my own – and I never seem to have the time for them. So I am shutting off the TV, giving up Words With Friends, and gettin’ out the glue gun! I will be posting my results – good or bad – everyday starting Dec. 1st, so stay tuned for awesomness!