Well, it’s almost spring. It was 60 yesterday here in Chicago and today is supposed to get to 65! While there is no official sign of spring yet – no color ANYWHERE – it was still awesome to wear a dress with no tights and flats today to work! Heaven for a pregnant lady. I came home yesterday and did some major nursery organizing and mounted a shelf I have had sitting around since our trip to IKEA. I opened the windows and back porch door and let some much needed fresh air into the house. I had such a burst of energy! I attribute it to the warmer weather, the 1 hour of extra daylight after I get off work and the impending baby boy about to come into our lives. Yesterday was the first time I had actually felt good for a while – i.e. I didn’t just come home and lay on the couch until bed time.

I also started working on a little board over at Pinterest yesterday called “If it were a girl…”. It’s still in progress, but I wanted to challenge myself to figure out a little girl’s nursery that wasn’t over the top girly, but still feminine. In other words, a place that didn’t look like an American Doll vomited everywhere.

Here are a couple pieces (I’ll post the whole board once it’s done!):