I am frugal. I definitely get this from my grandma, who, upon going to the sale racks at Kohls, will declare that a $10 pair of pants on clearance is “just too expensive”. I have really been on the extreme side of frugal for a long time. But now that I am getting older I am realizing that quality often trumps price. I am in love with my Room & Board couch. Our brand new Ford Escape is awesome. I am getting better.

Then came along the Tummy Tub. I have really tried to only buy the necessities for baby’s arrival and so far have done pretty well. I have been frugal, but spent money where needed, ie.e good car seat, ect. I had heard about the tummy tub before my husband and I registered for our shower and was determined to steer him clear of this overpriced piece of plastic – to no avail. We registered at two places – Babies R’ Us and Hadley. Hadley is a local store in Chicago with amazing, modern children’s pieces. Well, when we went in to check out Hadley hubby got the whole sales pitch on the Tummy Tub and was SOLD. “Used by midwives in Sweden for hundreds of years!” “European hospitals use the Tummy Tub right after birth to clean baby!” “BPA Free!” Hook, line and sinker people. Thus it was added to the registry.

Tummy Tub

"I don't know the difference between this and a mop bucket!"

Mind you, this is simply a $30 plastic bucket. I have a Rubbermaid mop bucket I got at Target for $5 in my closet at home. It seemed insane to spend that much on nothing more than a piece of plastic, but here it is, in my home, silently awaiting baby’s arrival. Mocking me.

Being childless thus far, I can’t comment on whether the Tummy Tub is as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. I guess we will just have to wait and see…