As you might have heard, here in the Chicagoland area we got a blizzard last night. In the city our total snow accumulations were around 18-20 inches. Now, I can’t complain. Poor Washington and NYC seem to get this kind of thing every year, and those places SHUT DOWN. Here in Chicago we get a little snow, we complain and/or talk incessantly about it for a week, and then we go to work the next day. No big deal.


The view from my building

I have sequestered myself indoors for the day and have begun relentlessly nesting. I slept in until 10, and then proceeded to wash all the baby clothes/take down and spackle holes left by a shelf in the nursery/write baby shower thank-you notes/bake muffcakes/cook tropical risotto (a fav breakfast dish of mine) – enough for the whole week/watch episodes of 30 Rock (ok, this might not count as nesting – but a lady needs a break!) and put away all baby shower items in the nursery. Whew. I’m beat.