Decorating with birds are sooooo 2010. Don’t believe me?? Check out this clip from the premiere of Portlandia. So with that in mind let’s start out the new year (or, Feb. 1st anyway) with a new forest animal for your shopping consumption! FOXES!

Foxes In, Birds Out

1. Fox on a Bike Natural Creme White Rug – Bath Mat or Door Mat from dark cycle clothing
2. Sweet Foxy Brooch by BeautySpot
3. Liam – The Sleepy Woodland Fox by Sleepy King
4. Retro Gingerbread Fox – Baby Bodysuit by Crowsmack
5. fox stuffie . organic by bird mafia
6. Bear And The Fox limited edition from Ashley Percival Prints
7. jane the retro red fox plush with mustard woolen glasses by One little red fox
8. Little Fox Onesie/Bodysuit by JoyNevada Little Ones
9. 1 Michael J. Fox Note Card with Envelope Included (5×3) from Art By Marilyn

Ok, that last one is a bit of a joke…